First Net

After September 11th attacks in the USA.  One lesson learned that day was that radio communication was overwhelmed.   First responders were going to cell phones.  That system was over loaded as well.

The government put out a project for a special cell phone network just for first responders to communicate on.   This system is dedicated to only first responders.   AT&T won this 25 year contract.    Our area has just recently received the software and hardware upgrades to bring this area online.

A first responder on the First net system could be in a crowd of 10,000 people trying to make a phone call and they could make it when everyone else could not do so.  Also that very same first responder can pull up apps on their phone to help at the emergency.     this system is online 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

You may remember out in California when they had those very bad wild fires this past year.  Verizon throttled the fire departments data  to a crawl.   The fire departments had to call and argue with Verizon while fighting the fire.  Fire departments use such tools as I pads with maps, preplans, communication systems to get up to the minute weather data, GPS location of the Hot Shots fighting the fire.  They went from fighting the forest fire in the 21st century to being back in the 80’s.   All those tools went away or were degraded in some fashion till they got the data issue worked out.

On this system that will not happen.

Here is the link for the information.  If you are a first responder reading this  give them a call and let them inform you on all the details.   First net info


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