We have the people trained to be CPR instructors but lacked the training aides to put on classes.  Thankfully the  Gulfport Energy Foundation chose the Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department to be awarded $9845.22 to purchase the much needed equipment.  Also with those funds we will purchase AEDs for both the ball field and softball field locations here in town.    Once the CPR and AED training aides are in we will post here when the first class open to the public will be and all other details.   Also we will post any other classes for the public we will be offering here as well.   THANK YOU GULFPORT ENERGY FOUNDATION  for your support.  Without your support we would not be able to do this.


Upcoming CPR, AED class  dates TBD


Below is a list of songs to do CPR to.  the goal is to do it at over 100 BPM.    CPR music story

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