The Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department is in the process of becoming a certified Red Cross and FEMA emergency shelter.   Also once building upgrades are done we will also be designated as a cooling and warming shelter for the surrounding area.   Details will be posted here are the project progresses, and once certifications are given the contact information for the shelter.  We want to thank Mountain Air for letting us know about the grant that we got to help make this possible. We also want to thank the village for providing the remaining funds to complete this project.  We hope we never have to use the station as a Emergency Shelter, but if we do we will be ready.  Once the AC units are in the next step will be to install the generator.  We will have to wait for the state to approve the permits.  But we should be certified in the next three months.

  Emergency shelter plans make the news. 

AC units arrived


AC units being installed.   A lot of work goes into just getting one unit installed and they are installing 4 units total.   The fire department members removed the old generator that was a used generator when it was installed back in the early 90s.   We also had to demo the shelter over the old generator.   The new generator will be able to operate the fire station as a emergency shelter with power to spare for any emergency that may arise.

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