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Kroger Community Rewards Program.

If you were wondering on how you can help support your local Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department with money without any of it coming out of your pocket…. Here it is.

Kroger has a community rewards program as a way to give back to the local organizations where stores are located.   The amount given back is based on how much people spend.   To do this you must enroll  and select the organization you want the donation to go to.   The best part of this is it will not effect you Kroger rewards points that so many of us use for gas every month.    Think of it like a constant boot drive where every time you go into a Kroger store and shop the store walks out and puts a few coins in our boot.    At the bottom of the receipt it will tell you how much your purchase total will be donated to the fire department.   The other great thing about this program is you can change who your points go to at any time.

Please consider us as the organization you chose to support.    The steps to enroll in this wonderful program are outlined below.  Every 3 to 4 months we receive a check in the mail.  These funds are used to purchase cleaning supplies. toilet paper, and things to clean the gear and trucks with.  Since June of 2017 through this program Kroger  has donated $794.26 to the fire department.  We could not do this without your support.

This must be done on a computer.   Kroger is working on updating this process to be able to be done on a phone.   I do not know if it works on a tablet.

Kroger Community Rewards website

After clicking the link above you will see a page like this.    If you are a Kroger rewards member click on the left one  if not the right one.

If you are not one fill out the information.  This will enable you to receive fuel points to be used as a discount at the fuel pump  and we will receive community rewards points.


The next screen will ask for you to log in to the web site.    Use the same username and password as you do to download Kroger coupons.


The next screen you will see is like the one above.  In the find and organization box type    HG036


This is the next screen you will see.   This is telling you that your community rewards organization has been selected to the Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department.


If you log back out and then back in this what you will see.







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