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Youth Fire Stop Prevention & Intervention Program

Youth Fire Stop is a program designed to prevent misuse of fire by youth in our community and to educate and intervene when endangerment involving fire occurs. Youth Fire Stop has been streamlined in order to make the program more effective.

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They Say

Mary Humphrey     I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this picture which made me proud. Our volunteer fire department went down to show support to a fallen soldier. They also went the other night to give a hand escorting him home. One gave his life to serve our county and these guys risk their lives trying to make sure we are all safe here at home. Way to make Bellaire proud guys

Brandi Bell      With being a mother of a cadet and an Assistant Fire Chiefs wife, I can say this department has alot to offer our kids in this town!! They can call and come down to a training to see if they like it. I'm sure they will!! These kids on our dept are our future firefighters!! They are great kids and awesome role models!! Plus what kid wouldn't want to come play with a real life sized fire truck!!! Come down and have a little fun while learning about the fire service!!

Brandi Bell      When I saw the picture of our boys standing in the cold to honor that airman that died from Moundsvile   I was so proud.

Eileen Connors Penyak       So proud of our Bellaire Volunteer Fire Dept!! These men and women leave their homes in the middle of the night to help others. Fight a fire all night, then go to work in the morning. They do this because they care!! We are really lucky to have people of this type of character in our town. All firefighters are a special breed of people wanting to help others.Listening to the broadcast, so many firefighters came for mutual aid. So thankful. Prayers.🚒

‎Patty Ann Clark‎  I want to thank Bellaire Fire Department especially Tim Bell, Bobby Bennett and another firemen (that i do not know his name) for coming to my house tonight to check for carbon monoxide, luckily there was none. I also want to say how much I Appreciate that after they left, Bobby Bennett came back to my house to give me a carbon monoxide detector that he had at home just to make me feel better! This is why I take great pride in my town even with all the bad that goes on we still have good people here that goes out of their way to help people! So thank you for being an awesome Fire Department and great people!

‎Zoe Anah Bizzari‎       Huge shout out to the fire fighters battling this fire right now and everyday!!! What you guys do voluntarily does not go unnoticed!! Being a firefighter is a huge sacrifice and a dangerous job, takes hearts of gold.. hometown heroes for sure!! Thank you guys on behalf of everyone for all that you do for our town❤️🚒

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