Dear Potential New Member and Parent(s),
As the Fire Chief of the Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department, I would like to take this
opportunity to welcome your child as a Junior member of the Bellaire Volunteer Fire
For many, this Program will be the first step to a career in the fire service, whether
volunteer or paid. I honestly believe that your, as an active participant in this Program, is
the future of this fire department, our community and a local hero of tomorrow.
When people do not know where to turn for help, quite often their response is to call the
local fire department. They expect us to fix their emergency, or to at least make things
better for them.
Therefore, the firefighter has traditionally performed many tasks other than just fighting
actual fires, and is held in high esteem by many people in our community. As a
member of the Junior Cadet Program, people will look to you as a representative of this
department. Therefore, it is important to follow the code of conduct and to be courteous
and respectful to all, especially when wearing your uniform or fire department clothing.
As a new member of the Junior Program, you will be required to participate in training,
meetings, drills, fundraising events, and station projects. There are also many other
activities and opportunities available to you that I hope you will take advantage of.
As a member of this department I take a great deal of pride in it and the community that
surrounds it. You will be expected to do the same. As a member: strive for excellence;
be the best that you can; be proud of what you are doing it for; promote department
pride by example; and most of all have fun and be safe. As Fire Chief, I take great pride
is saying we have one of the best groups of junior cadets in the valley.  They exemplify
all that is great about this town and the people that live here.  Again from me, my staff,
and the entire department, we welcome you and hope to see you soon.

Fire Chief Joshua McMahon


Any child can apply for the cadet program from the age of 13 to 18.   They will
learn about the fire service, community pride, self discipline, and the honor of
serving ones community.

MISSION AND VALUES: The Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department and its Junior Cadet
Firefighter Program work in cooperation to educate, protect, and serve the youth of
Bellaire and surrounding communities. The following statements are upheld by the
Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department:

MISSION STATEMENT:  To maintain a safe environment for youth to gather within the
community to learn about many aspects of the fire service and to provide avenues for
positive social interaction for youth within the program, and for youth within the

VISION:  We will be a model for fire departments with junior firefighter youth programs
to introduce the young community to the fire service and to provide a safe environment
for social activities for youth within our community.

CORE VALUES:  Recognizing the dedication, skill, and value of all members, we will
create and maintain an environment of individual safety, well-being and trust. We are
guided by: Service to Others, Team Work, Compassion, Integrity, Safety, Honesty,
Accountability, Professionalism, and Respect.

COMMITMENT TO THE COMMUNITY:  The members of the Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department Junior Cadet Firefighter Program demonstrate commitment to our community through:

      • Respectful and courteous treatment of all people.
      • Accountability for our actions.
      • Open honest communications.
      • Educating peers about fire safety and prevention.
      • Providing a safe environment for youth activity within the community
      • Providing an opportunity for youth to serve the community..

CODE OF CONDUCT:   As a member of the Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department Junior Cadet Firefighter Program, you are expected and required to:

      • Abide by all of the Standard Operating Procedures and all other rules and regulations of the Active Department, as well as those of the Junior Firefighter Program.
      • Conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner that will reflect well upon you and the entire department, especially when in uniform or clothing with our cress on it.
      • Demonstrate honesty, fairness, and integrity.
      • Treat all people with courtesy and respect.
      • Recognize the value and worth of each individual.
      • Dress respectfully and modestly at department functions that you attend (i.e.: dances, Juniors’ picnic, etc.)
      • Refrain from cussing, cursing, or using otherwise foul language while in uniform, at the station, and while participating in department functions.
      • Work as a team with others.
      • Participate in training, meetings, and fundraisers.
      • Obey the chain of command.
      • Wear your uniform when coming to the station and any department functions that you help with.
      • Not wear your uniform or any other department issued gear for general use outside of the station or department functions.
      • Always bring required gear to training.
      • Notify a firefighter or parent in charge (if assigned) upon arrival and departure from the station and department functions.
      • Immediately report any problems to a firefighter or parent in charge (if assigned).

Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department Junior Firefighter Cadets

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Preston Heslop
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Skyler Wells
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T.j. Bell
T.j. Bell
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